Blasts From The Past (plus a few current standouts!)...

I've had  five Shelties in my life since I was 7 years old. I remember well the night our family picked up Shep, our first. It was a dark night in late 1962 when five kids and their parents piled into a station wagon for the trip to a Kansas breeder. We got lost during the drive, and had to look at street signs with a flashlight, but finally arrived none the worse for wear. For me, it was the start of a love for a most special breed of dog.

One can imagine five (later to be seven) kids and a Sheltie. Shep would actively "herd" us, and we had many wonderful experiences with him. He lived over 15 years, and my love for the breed (and dogs in general) is rooted in those times.

Over the years, I became interested in the history of the breed, and especially learning more about those special dogs which had so much influence on my own. All of the Shelties listed below have had distinguished careers as among the finest examples of the breed and many have had tremendous impact on our dogs of today. The careful, thoughtful breeding programs many of these dogs represent have allowed me to enjoy the relationship I have with my Sheltie today. Knowing them helps us all know our own dogs even better...


Notable Shelties
(This is only a sampling of many great Shelties who have influenced the breed - there are many more.
But most of the best known greats up into the 1980's are listed.)

.: Judy Lowe's photographs :. Judy Lowe was at one time the official puppy socializer for Banchory Kennels . These are scans of photos from her collection, which include images of Pow and of Betty Whelen in addition to many Banchory dogs.
: Photographs of some better known Shelties :.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Alfenloch Ryan O'Neill ROM (Sunny) :.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Backstop ROM (Dillen) :.
.: Banchory Bright Lights CDX (Taffy) :.
.: BIS Ch. Banchory Formal Notice, ROM (Soot) :.
.: Banchory Half Moon (Niki) :.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Banchory High Born, ROM (Banger) :. Sue Ann Bowling's page.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Banchory High Born, ROM (Banger) :.  Clan Duncan page on Banger.
.: Chestnut Rainbow :.
.: Banchory High Glow (Mae) :. Sue Ann Bowling's page.
.: Banchory High Glow (Mae) :. Clan Duncan page on Mae.
.: Banchory Reflection ROM (Adam) :.
.: Am./Can./Jpn. CC Gr. Ch. Barkley's SS Pajero Junior Jpn. CD CC (Pajero) :. Pajero's story along with the other stories on this site ties together pieces of the history of some very influential Shelties.
.: Ch. Calcurt Luke ROM (Luke) :.  Sue Ann Bowling's page.
.: Ch. Calcurt Luke ROM (Luke) :.  Calcurt's page.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD, ROM (Pow) :. Sue Ann Bowling's page.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD, ROM (Pow) :. Clan Duncan page on Pow.
.: Am./Can. Ch. Cherden Sock It To 'Em CD, ROM (Pow) :. Another Pow page, written by his breeder, Cheryl Anderson (Cherden Shelties).
.: Ch. Diamond's Robert Bruce ROM (Bruce) :.
.: Fair Play of Sea Isle, ROM (Jack) :.
.: BIS Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin, ROM CC (Peter) :. One of the most important Shelties ever.
.: Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM (Dillon) :.
BIS Ch. Karelane Royal Flush o'Kismet ROM 2CC (Acey) :.
.: Ch. Kismet's Conquistador ROM (Jay) :.
.: Kismet's Rubaiyyat (Ruby) :.
.: Ch. Larkspur of Pocono CDX ROM (Penny) :.
.: Ch. Larkspur's Replica of Pocono ROM (Penny) :.
.: Ch. Lingard Sealect Bruce, ROM (Bruce) :.
.: Ch. Macdega Glenhart Grand Prix ROM (Jeep) :.
.: Ch. Macdega The Piano Man ROM (Cash) :.
: BIS Am./Can/ Ch. Malpsh Great Scott ROM CC (Scotty) :.
.: BIS Ch. Marwal Steppin' Out ROM 2CC (Andy) :.
.: Ch. Mowgli ROM (Mowgli) :.
.: Am./Can/ Ch. Nashcrest Golden Note ROM CC (Goldie) :.
.: Ch. Peabody Pan :.
.: Ch. Philidove Heir Presumptive ROM (Tony) :.
.: Ch. Prince George o'Page's Hill ROM :.
.: Ch. Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM (Lance) :.
.: Ch. Sea Isle Dusky Belle :.
.: Ch. Sea Isle Rhapsody of Halstor :.
.: Ch. Sea Isle Serenade ROM (Ian) :.
.: Ch. Shelt-E-Ain Reflection o'Knight ROM:.
.: Ch. Sheltieland Kiltie o'Sea Isle :.
.: Ch. Sheltieland Laird o'Page's Hill :.
.: Ch. Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM (Ryan) :.
.: Ch. Syncopating Sue of Anahassitt (Jill) :.
.: Ch. Timberidge Temptation ROM (Prince) :.
.: Ch. Va-Gore's Bright Promise ROM (Promise) :.
.: Ch. Wee Laird o'Downfield :.
.: BIS Am./Can. Ch. Zion's Man About Town HT NA ROM 4CC VC (Jamie) :. First Sheltie to ever win Showdog of the Year. Jamie has in excess of 400 Best of Breed wins.